Dar Jnan Tiouira

A dream of 10 years

Dar Jnan Tiouira

Guesthouse & Restaurant

10 years were needed for Mostapha Hamdaoui, great admirer of the traditional Berber valley architecture, to build the kasbah with the help of his brothers, father and family.

Built ‘en pisé’ (sun dried bricks) and respectful of the ancient traditions, the kasbah is today the ideal place for a restful holiday. It is the departure and arrival point for hikes, a rest stop in the pure tradition of Berber hospitality.

A location

Magical and timeless

10 years of efforts to make a dream come true: Dar Jnan Tiouira, a mud kasbah in the pure Berber architectural style of the Dades Valley. Built by Mostapha Hamdaoui, his brothers, his father and all his family,

the Kasbah is ideally located in the heart of the Dades Valley

between the desert and the first foothills of the High Atlas. It is easily accessible by road and is a great place for hiking lovers (trails of few hours to a couple of days).

Mostapha Hamdaoui, is a mountain guide that knows how to welcome you, advise you and guide you through your journey while offering you a unique contact with southern Morocco and its friendly inhabitants. The n’Goun and the valley of the roses are only a few kilometers away.

A Restaurant

One of the best restaurant in South Morocco

In dar Jnan Tiouira, brothers and sisters reign in the kitchen. They will prepare classic Berber plates inspired by the recipes of their mother but are at the same time open to French, Italian and Spanish influences.

A cuisine made with sun-kissed natural products, cultivated only a few meters away, along the fertile Dadès. A cuisine that will amaze you with breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Special diet menus will be concocted upon request.